How to Instal Roofing Felt

unduhan-2If the roof is made of wood, asphalt or shingles, then it is a must to add another protective layer under this primary roof in order to waterproof your house. Roofing felt serves the purpose of protective layer. The material for roofing felt comes in the form of roll of cardboard or paper. This roll is saturated with asphalt and impregnated with bituminous coal and tar which makes it waterproof. You can cut the roll according to the required length. This roll also varies in thickness. In order for it to remain intact and last long, it should be well maintained.

The signs of a damaged roof are damp spots, pores on the roof, cracks, blisters, etc. You might also observe a change in the color of the roof. Patches on the roofing felt also indicate damaged roof. Read the roofing felt instructions given below which will help you in the maintenance of the roof, thus increasing its life.

What you Ought to Know Before Installing Roofing Felt

Before you start with the actual roofing felt installation process, the decking should be cleaned thoroughly. Make sure the decking is free of debris, moisture

Ideas to Build a Strong and Sturdy Lean-to Roof

unduhan-3Want to utilize the place outside your house or the garden area, but can’t use it just because of the sunrays, rainfall, or snowfall? Well then, why not identify a place adjacent to your exterior walls and get it covered with a lean-to roof? This is a perfect thing to have if you are looking for a storage shed. This leans against an existing structure and is also dependent on this structure for support. The roof consists of two support poles that form a low-end support for a sloped roof which is attached to the exterior of an existing structure. It is open to the varied elements from the sides and front. Once you have this, you can place beautiful outdoor furniture, garden tools or anything you like under it. Building a lean-to roof ensures protection of all the items placed in it. Moreover, a lean-to or sloped roof helps rainwater run off easily, which increases its lifespan as well.

In the following Buzzle article, we will give you the steps of how to build a lean-to roof.

Building a Lean-to Roof

Materials Required

• Wooden posts, 9
• Wooden planks, 6-8
• Purlins,

Ideas to Solar Roof Shingles

unduhan-1Every time you come across the word ‘solar energy’, the very first image that comes to your mind is of the big solar panels fixed on the rooftop. There are many people, who don’t want to spoil the looks of their house by fixing solar panels. Now, it is possible to ‘go green’ without compromising the appearance of your home. The solution lies in installing solar roof shingles or photovoltaic shingles, instead of other roofing materials. Unlike solar panels, this type of roofing shingle is cheaper and easy to install. It serves two purposes at the same time – providing protection to the roof structure and producing energy by harnessing sunlight. They look like regular roof shingles.

What are Solar Roof Shingles?

Otherwise known as photovoltaic shingles, solar shingles look like regular roofing shingles; but solar power cells are incorporated into their structure. A solar roof shingle looks like any regular roof shingle, and cannot be distinguished easily. Once fixed, the warmth of the sun creates a strong bonding between the shingles, that forms a weather-resistant seal over the rooftop. It is claimed that, the special support structures that come with these

Professional Remodelling

When it comes to remodelling your home, you want everything to be perfect. Of course, that’s only natural. Home it where the heart is, after all, and you want your heart container to be perfectly suited to your specific, unique heart. Therefore, you’re going to want to come up with a remodelling plan and execute on that plan. In the interest of saving money, you may be inclined to take the do it yourself (DIY) approach. However, this can be time consuming and a ton of hard work, so it may be best just to hire some professionals to do the dirty work for you. Here are a few of the virtues of hiring pros to tackle your remodelling job.

First and foremost, the word professional has a connotation of skill, and for good reason. Professionals are paid for their work because of their above average level of skill in their field. Therefore, they would simply do a better job than you. This is by no means an attempt to insult you, the reader; it’s simply a statement of fact that a professional would have years of training and experience up on you and therefore must be

Ways to Organize a Garage

Ever noticed how your garage seems to be home to almost all the possible junk in addition to the one car that fits in? You have so much ‘stuff’ lying in the garage that you probably don’t even remember half of it. Whatever extra or unusable items you find in your house, you go on and dump them in your garage thinking you might use them later. And we all know how often that happens. So, you’ve finally made up your mind to chalk out a plan to organize your garage. You know what you want to do, but you simply cannot think of how and where to start. Well, you don’t need to worry too much because you’ll find some great tips right here.

Decluttering your Garage
Organizing your garage may seem like a dreaded chore that will take days to complete, but once you begin, you’ll definitely not want to stop. You’ll keep going until you are done with the entire garage and you’ll realize that you have so much extra space! So just read ahead and learn how you can do it in the most straightforward and easy manner.

The very first step in the 4-point

Ideas on Insulating your Garage

Insulating your garage is a great idea and it can prove to be a good investment, if you do it right. The insulation will help you save a few bucks too. Insulating your garage helps reduce your energy requirements as it will prevent any major deviation in the temperature of your garage, thereby, reducing the heating and cooling costs during summers and winters, respectively. In addition to this, insulating will also check the noise emitted from your garage.

How to Insulate a Garage

The first thing you should examine before you start the insulation is the architecture of your garage. Generally, garages are made from studs and joists with a drywall covering them, and it is easier to insulate them. If your garage is masonry, it already has a certain level of insulation due to the concrete; any additional insulation is difficult. Here we will discuss insulation with respect to studs and joists.

High R-value: The R-value or the resistance value gives the measure of thermal resistance. It is also called the R-factor. Thermal resistance basically means, to stop the passage of heat. I recommend you to go for the highest possible R-value for your insulating material, this will help keep

Garage Design Tips

If you are planning to build a garage, it can be a huge task, which calls for detailed planning. Today, most people use their garages not only for parking cars, but also as an extension of their home. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind while building a garage is to have a clear idea of its design.

Will it be an attached or a detached one? Do you want to customize its interiors? What are the different ideas that you can come up with to give the garage space, a neat look and more functionality? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

Ideas for a New Garage

Depending on the space available, your budget, and requirements, you will have to make a variety of decisions on how spacious or compact your new garage will be. Along with the vehicle(s) parked inside it, you may also require some storage area for tools and other items.

Select between attached and detached design
An attached garage is always a popular choice for homeowners as it is convenient during cold and wet weathers. Plus, you don’t have to think twice before going over other elements of

Tips to Fiberglass Garage Doors

Fiberglass garage doors are not as common as wooden, steel, or aluminum ones. These doors consist of aluminum frames mixed with fiberglass panels. Some prefer this material over conventional alternatives, because fiberglass is lighter and relatively cheaper, but not the best choice. The characteristics of these garage doors differ substantially from the ones displayed by this material in itself.


  • While fiberglass is dent-resistant, garage doors made of this material are not and are therefore, prone to the slightest dents from your car.
  • Fiberglass doors provide poor insulation, especially during winter, which is not the case when compared to fiberglass insulation that is considered to be highly efficient.
  • These doors begin to turn yellowish brown with age.
  • They warp and crack easily during both cold and hot climate, which makes garage doors made of this material extremely less durable as compared to those made of steel.
  • These doors cannot withstand strong winds and are not suitable in coastal zones with high frequency winds.
  • These areas do not give the required building code approval for fiberglass doors because they fall much below the expected standards of construction material.

However, recently, newer and better quality fiberglass doors have begun to appear in the market,

Torch Down Roofing Installation Tips

Also called modified bitumen roofing, torch down roofing is one of the most common roof types used today. It gets its name from the method of burning the bitumen sheets on a sheet of fiberglass which is done during installation. Burning the bitumen melts it, thereby, creating a highly durable and resistant roofing material. As a result, these types of roofs last for a very long time―20 years on an average.

The main advantage is that it’s highly resistant to rainwater, which means it is beneficial for people who have flat roofs. Rainwater usually gets collected on flat roofs and starts damaging them over time. But, with this kind of roofing, there would be no damage at all. The only downside is its cost, which is slightly on the higher side. However, compared to the other roofs, the torch down type doesn’t require a lot of maintenance for a long time. Moreover, high quality resins are mixed with modified bitumen which protects the house from harmful UV rays.

Precautions and Requirements

You need to make sure that each member of the team working on the roofing is well-informed of his/her duties. Moreover, the fire should be handled with care, and no

Tips to to Install Corrugated Roofing

One of the most effortless and best alternatives to cover the porch, with no expert help, is creased material. Beforehand, layered material was not viewed as sturdy but rather these days, with enhanced innovation, their strength has expanded and they are viewed as superior to material tiles. It has ended up one of the most straightforward approach to give your home a wonderful look. They are modest, have awesome quality, can hold up under impressive measure of weight, and give great protection. These qualities make them ideal for material. The best part of these material is that they can be introduced by any one who has enough instruments with an essential thought of its establishment.

Steps to Install Corrugated Roofing

Corrugated roofing is different from the normal roofing as they have alternating grooves and ridges which makes it more strong and durable than normal roofing. It is lightweight, and can be found in the form of panels or sheets. You can also get panels with pre-drilled holes which makes the installation easier and faster. Corrugated roofing can be found in different materials like metal, plastic, fiberglass, etc. Hence the first thing to do before starting the installation is

Ideas to Fiberglass Roofing Panels

Material is without a doubt one of the basic parts of lodging. Variables, similar to solidness, cost, and quality, must be thought about, while picking a roofing material. Aside from that, it must be in a state of harmony with the outline and style of the house. There are distinctive sorts of roofing materials in the market. Pick a couple sorts that are reasonable for your prerequisite. Look at the elements of these materials, and pick the one that is most appropriate for your requirements. Fiberglass boards can be a decent decision, particularly for those, who are searching for a material for their garage, nursery, or yard.

What is Fiberglass Roofing?

Introduced during the 1930s, fiberglass roofing is still popular, due to its durability and looks. As the name suggests, this type of roofing is made of thin fibers of glass. These high strength glass fibers are pressed along with organic resin, to form fiberglass panels. The organic resin binds the fibers together. You might have noticed the green-colored panels used as roofing in greenhouses, patios, carports, and yards. They are actually fiberglass roofing panels that are now available in a wide range of colors, designs, and patterns.

Ways to Install Roll Roofing

Move material is the most straightforward roofing material that you can introduce all alone. It is only material sheets that are made in rolls. These rolls are introduced as covering stripes. A strength of a most extreme 12 years makes move material a famous roofing material. These sheets are accessible in an extensive variety of materials, yet the most utilized ones are made of black-top, covered with felt or fiberglass. Fundamentally the mix of its substance rely on the prerequisites of its client. Changes are made in the composites of the sheets to upgrade some one of a kind qualities, for example, attachment, slip resistance, water retention, tear resistance, and noteworthy adaptability.

These roofing sheets are mostly ideal for slightly sloping roofs of garages, additional porches, or for a shed. If you want to finish the home construction on your own, then roll roofing is the best option in place of conventional roofing shingles that you may have. The most important thing to consider is the climate on the day of the roll roofing installation. It must be sunny and not cold because the coldness will make the roofing unannealed hence, stiff. The roll sheet must be exposed to the sun

Metal Roofing Materials Ideas

We all wish to have a stronger house for our family. The strength of a house depends on the materials used in its construction. The strength of metals depends on the material make up and their micro-structure characteristics.

Metal roofs are popular because of their fascinating look with different colors and styles. They last longer than their contemporaries and are cost-effective in the long run.

The main metals used to make roofs are steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and alloys of different metals. These roofs are lighter in weight, last longer, are fire-resistant, and keep the temperature inside cool as they reflect the radiant heat from the sun. Their prompt installation is one of the attractive features in today’s hectic life.

More and more attractive varieties are available in the market. Some popular ones are:

  • Galvalume steel metal panels
  • Aluminum roofing
  • ESP sandwich roofs panels
  • Polystyrene roofing sheet
  • Polyurethane roofing sheet
  • PMP roofing panel 3
  • Color molded roof board
  • Rock wool sandwich panel
  • Metal roof tile

Some minor drawbacks of these roofs are the high initial cost and the potential to dent, especially during a rainstorm or a hailstorm. However, using adequate padding materials can control the same. These roofs are very durable, and the occasional dent

Tips to Install Rubber Roofing

Flat and Shallow roofing are the traditional roofing systems which have lost their credit since the entry of rubber roofing in the market. But, what are these rubber roofs? These are the roofing systems that survive with ease in any weather, especially the floods and storms and are highly durable. Flat and shallow roofing systems ruled the industry for about 100 years and now the contractors needed a change. A system that was something new, durable as well as cheap became the king of the roofing industry and popularized in a fortnight. People were waiting for such a low-cost material to protect their homes from weather attacks and they soon got what they wanted. But, a proper installation is necessary to get maximum benefit of rubber roofing and in the next segment we will try to understand the process for installation of rubber roofing.

There are two types of rubber roofing systems, whole roof and shingled roof. The whole roof system contains a single piece of rubber that covers and seals the roof surface whereas in a shingled roofing system there are different layers of rubber shingles like other roofing shingles to protect the house from harmful weather elements.

Ways to Purchase Roofing Shingles

The best roofing shingle is that, which enhances the looks of the construction; at the same time, fits into your budget and is durable. Buying roof shingles can be a bit confusing, especially when you have to select from a wide range of materials. However, all you need to do is a little research regarding the materials available, their price, durability, looks, and styling. Compare all these factors, and choose the one that is best suited for your house.

The most important factor is the durability of the roofing material. As the roof is constantly exposed to climate changes and other natural events, the roofing material should be strong enough to withstand such changes The material must resist algae and mildew growth. Always make sure that the roofing shingles you choose, come with a good warranty. The next factor to consider is the cost of the roofing, and this should include the price of the material, as well as the installation charges.

Types of Roofing Shingles

There are many types of roofing materials that vary in price, durability, and looks. One of the popular types is asphalt or composition shingles. They are flexible, and are suitable for roofs with different shapes

Tips to Repair Flat Roof to Use the Buckets Under leaking Roof

Flat roofs are gaining popularity these days with the advent of new technologies and structural systems. It is supposed to represent pure geometry and reflect the broad horizontal lines of the natural landscape. A majority of modern houses have flat or very gently pitched roofs. However, this type of roofing leaves the homeowners with the task of frequent repair and maintenance, as flat roofs are highly prone to leaks and cracks that create all sorts of havoc. One can get their roof repaired by a professional, however, the cost can be a little heavy on the pockets, as it has to be done frequently. Moreover, the repair isn’t that difficult, and you can easily do it yourself!

How to Repair a Flat Roof


  • Roofing cement
  • Roofing nails
  • Nail gun
  • Utility knives
  • Putty knives
  • Brooms
  • Towels

Step 1: The repair should be done in cool weather, when the roof is dry. Sweep the roof using a broom to dust away the dirt.

Step 2: Locate the crack or leak on the surface of the roof. Metal barriers between the roof and the chimney or a plumbing stack, known as flashings, are the most prone to developing small cracks.

Step 3: Brush off the gravel and dirt

Ways to Install a Tin Roof

There are several benefits of using a tin roof. Tin is a very environmentally-friendly metal and is far cheaper compared to any other metal roofing material. Many people avoid having this kind of roof as they believe it can make a lot of noise in the rain. However, it is installed on plywood and roofing felt which suppresses sounds to a great extent. It is not affected by any kind of corrosion resulting from water and salt, and it can last for almost four to five decades.


Before you start, first check the quantity of material required for this project. Take the measurements of the length, breadth, and height of each side of the roof. When you show these measures to any supply company, they will be able to calculate the exact quantity of material you will require and supply the tin sheets accordingly. To prepare the surface, you have to remove all the old shingles and any other kind of roofing material. Inspect the area carefully to find out if there are any nails. Then, clean the surface of any sorts of debris.

Setting Up the Base
The next thing you must do is prepare the right base.

Tips to Install Asphalt Shingles

It doesn’t need an expert to install the shingles; in fact it is the easiest roofing material to install. All that one needs to have is the basic knowledge of its technique. Installing procedure on both the old and the new roofs is just the same. It is not necessary to follow the original shingle pattern. It is important that you must change the roofing structure and then install new asphalt shingles starting from the lower edge of the roof. This is because following the exact pattern of old roofing shingles may sometimes develop waves in the new roofing and no one would like such a disaster to happen.

Asphalt Roofing Shingles: Types
There are two types of asphalt shingles that are popularly used, namely organic shingles and fiberglass shingles. Both the types vary in their sizes, weight, and the ingredients.

» The organic shingles are made up of felt, cellulose, paper waste, or other material saturated with asphalt.

» The fiberglass shingles are nothing but the shingle-shaped fiberglass pieces coated with asphalt fillers. The old versions of shingles are extremely durable during heavy storms, so they should be preferred.

» Organic shingles are also available in the laminated form; they are

Ways to Build a Pole Shed

Constructing a shed is one of the most simplest options available to fulfill your storage. You can build it anywhere and for any purpose; e.g., on a farm to store farming equipment. It is also one of the most economical things if you compare it with the large storage barns that require a lot of space as well as more expenditure. One needs just basic carpentry skills and a very few tools for this task. Requirements include timber, roofing material, nails, and concrete. The most important thing is to have a perfect plan.


The traditional base that is usually required for the buildings does not apply here. One can prepare the base after building the actual shed. This makes it easier to build. There are two popular roofing types that need to be taken into account, and they are the gambrel roof (both sides containing an additional flat section) and the gable roof (roof with two flat sections set at angles, towards each other).

Building Plan

  • Before you start, you need a well-drawn plan of where you want to build the shed, the size, and the exact required dimensions.
  • You need a checklist of the materials required. This way, it

Tips to Install a Drip Edge on an Existing Roof

Every rainy season, the walls of your home become a breeding ground for moss and mold. This is because water from the roof directly drips onto the walls, making them damp. This, in turn, attracts fungal growth. To prevent this, you need proper roofing, which can prevent this damage. Installing a drip edge can help you get rid of this problem. A Drip edge is an L-shaped, galvanized strip of metal, fixed to the roof, to allow free flow of water from the ceiling into the drainage system on the ground. This is an excellent drainage solution as it avoids the accumulation of water on the roof. It can be installed on any kind of roofing―fiberglass, metal, etc. It prevents the fascia and the roof edges from damage due to accumulation of water. It is truly an essential addition to every house.


The roof must be prepared in advance; it must have an underlayment of organic felt paper.

  • Purchase the required paraphernalia from any hardware store. Since a drip edge is available in a number of colors and sizes, choose one that suits the exterior of your home. Pick up the size that will cover your roof sheeting